Lifestyle changes


When you hear people speak of “lifestyle” what do you think they truly mean? When people are talking about “trends” what do they mean?

Well today I would like to discuss lifestyles vs trends as I think people transpose the two when they are very different. I personally think that trends are something that come and go. Trends change frequently and do not last the test of time.  Trends are more like “fads”  and are not permanent. Some trends can last for quite a few years but ultimately something more exciting comes along and then they are gone.

Now when I think of a lifestyle it is something that is much more permanent and it has been established over a period of time.  It took time to cultivate and grow into and therefore will last the test of time because it is something that has weathered the storm.  A lifestyle is more about a choice that we consciously make in hope of creating a better outcome to something else in the future.

When we make choices about our eating habits and working habits we are creating a lifestyle. We can choose to work a million hours for someone or choose to work for ourselves.  The decisions that we make about our diet and nutrition intake are also our choices that shape our lifestyle.

We can either be the solution to our own lives or we can sometimes be the problems that get in our way of creating our LIFESTYLE.

I invite you to be conscious of the choices that you make today because they ultimately will very much have a direct impact on your future and lifestyle.  That “trendy” diet that you decided to start today after your Fourth of  July Feast.  Think about it. Do you want to make a change for your future that is permanent or do you just want to try the next “trendy” diet in another 6 weeks.

Your choosing to live a healthy life can begin today it’s all about choices but it is all up to you to take that first step. There will be many steps afterward but you will not be walking alone. You can have complete control of your lifestyle and eating habits. It’s about making the right healthy choices and turning them into habits. Then you will have transformed your life.

Here’s to you…..make the right choice and make the decision for a permanent way of eating HEALTHY for life. This is the lifestyle you want. Not just a n easy fix.  Together we can do this.  I know you can…..I will be right here to support you. Every step of the way. Choose the path that will in fact change your LIFE not just the next few months.  Your Health is important and you deserve to be living a healthy and happy life now.

Have a beautiful day…….Namaste….


2 thoughts on “Lifestyle changes

  1. cbear002 says:

    I like the idea of thinking about it as a lifestyle change and making choices into habits. What the word diet really means and what we think of when we someone says diet are two different things. Lets take the trend out of the word and focus on a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to reading more.

    • bonsai39 says:

      Thanks for your comment. It truly is a shift in mindset of making the change and then it can catapult the actual physical changes anyone desires. It is all about healthy living 360.

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