For your outer health:   Healthy Living

I would be happy to provide you with a complimentary Health Assessment to assist you in getting started on your journey.  I will present you with your own personal wellness plan during this evaluation that is customized to you. Together we will work to ensure that your plan is one that you can easily maintain to maximize your goals.  The most important part of any Wellness Plan is for you to be consistent in your regime and follow it.  You will obtain information specific to create a tailor made plan to optimize your health and create the lifestyle you desire.

Please email or call me and we can begin with your Health Assessment which is the tool that will get you up an running and on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

After we have created your Wellness Plan I will be coaching along the way to ensure that you are adhering to your plan and getting your desired results. Remember it is plan that is tailor made for you specifically.


For your inner health:  Healthy Woman

I offer reiki healing sessions to assist you in restoring the natural flow of energy within your body to achieve wellness internally with natural energy as my guide.

Reiki is an all natural alternative way of healing the mind, body and soul. After you have transformed your exterior shell to the desired weight and shape.  Next you may desire to heal the inside of your body to release all the emotions behind everything. Reiki helps to assist you with releasing emotional baggage, depression, pain due to injuries, and much more.It works by getting to the “root source”  of the problem not by putting a band-aid over it. It assists all who wish to  a live a happy lifestyle without any chemicals. For more detailed information on my reiki services please visit my reiki site


My wish is to offer a complete wellness journey for your inner and outer health by bridging the gap with my Reiki experience and my Health and Wellness Coaching to help transform your life.

Everyone deserves to be living a happy, healthy and stress free life every day.  Contact me and we begin your journey today. Summer is here…let’s get started to be in shape now to have a fantastic Summer of 2013. Feeling great and looking great with healthy nutrition and a new positive lifestyle! 🙂


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